Teenage Romance

Zane Drees (Greensboro, NC)


Teenage Romance shows a repeated cycle of failed romantic relationships and the way I felt I was letting my old love interests have power over me.

After showing this to others I realized it’s a common feeling among my peers, and that generally we feel like there is one person who has control over where the relationship goes and the other is simply seeking affection and getting hurt by constant rejection.

Each cell zooms in on the little moments in the relationship in order to hide the gender of the two characters.

I made it this way so that it would feel applicable to everyone, not just relationships between two men, but also because I didn’t want others who would read the comic to be able to comment on the fact that it was about two boys.

That is not the important part of the story, it just happens to be what anything dealing with my love life is going to be about.