We don’t do boxes

Kia Vaughn (Greensboro, NC)

Queerness, boxes, identity, relationships, presentation, politics
not just, but more
Friendships, boundaries, family (chosen/blood), music,
school, work, class, race, experience the world, food,
showing affection, love, poly, media, perceptions, lost, broken, rebuilt,
denied, affirmed.

It’s a huge thing and a non-thing
It encompasses whole lives, communities, politics, media
But it is amorphous and can’t be pinned down
It doesn’t mean the same for any two people
Yet it is a community
Multiple cultures have been created from this idea
community of shared expression?
Culture still develops no matter what
Culture (big “C”) erases and minimizes cultures (little “c”)
rears differences in experience of identity to
create homogenous idea
that still isn’t agreed upon
people, lives, existences are erased to increase visibility
in an attempt to make sense,
to be more palatable
to those who disregard/hate/ignore/seek to erase
the many existences of what it is to be queer
To drive a wedge and label different
as inferior.

The cycle continues.