Camilla Hines (Greensboro, NC)

Dory’s mother always told her to escape to the ever flowing stream. She never did listen until
she was in a dream. The messy crazy dream showed her the path to the pond which was
connected to the stream. It was a sign Dory supposed. She planned and planned and planned
but stopped one day.

That day she thought about it. How was she to escape this space? It was easy. She began to
walk to the door but their brothers and sisters pushed her away from it. Never did she touch that
doorknob. She asked their mother what was the deal about the ever flowing stream. Her mother
replied simply, “The ever flowing stream is in you. It is your world. It is your imagination. You
have many siblings so escape into that space and escape from the world.” It was clear to her now.

She was never able to escape this small house but her mind was the ever flowing stream. The
water was her imagination. Her mind was the wind. Her brain was the space. Her body was the world.