Self Portrait As The Cosmos

By Milo Gallagher (Sheldon, SC)


You misgender me

and I take my earrings off

feeling like a fish

mistaken for a deer


Shame seeps in like oil
I am far away already

I am signs of life

in another galaxy

I am the cold planet

where there is water

My rings are wide and reaching

I am undiscovered still


When I was a girl on earth

my heart was a black hole:

everything disappeared

inside me


Did you know

even a dog

can go to the moon

The moon is my mother

The moon always knows


My friends and I are constellations

keeping watch

blinking on and off

like lights in the room

where you hate me


Each queer kiss becomes a stitch

in the sky’s dark fabric

We can’t see you from up here

You look through your telescope

but it’s fuzzy


Did you know

one day my hands will be larger

and there will be even more

for me to hold

Did you know

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