Peter Muniz Jr (Greensboro, NC)

What is it about love that we crave so much?

Now I know this is a kind of a cliché question to start off with but it still has yet to be answered.

Is it the look in another person’s eyes when they look at you that absolutely melts your heart?

Or is it that they are the person always there for you when you need someone the most?

Is it both?

I suppose it could be.

I think that the most important reason we crave love is that it makes you feel special.

It makes you feel special knowing that you are always one’s mind.

It makes you feel special knowing you have someone to come home to after work.

It makes you feel special when they text you in the middle of the day simply because they miss you.

It may seem like its always about you, you, you

but it’s not.

You give someone the comfort knowing that you feel the same as they do.

You send them the “I miss you” in the middle of the day.

You listen to their ranting about work when they get home.
You always have them on your mind.

You are the person that makes them feel special.