Restless Thoughts

Walt Rakestraw (Greensboro, NC)

Love is very strange,

If you search,

You can’t find it,

If you leave it be,

It will find you,

Everyone wants “Love”,

And everyone expects others to find “Love”,

It’s a way of life,

But my question is why do we limit love?

Why do we set standards for something that is unmeasurable?

It’s inevitable,

Everyone will experience love,

But some will be shunned because of it,

Some people will kill others when they experience an emotion that is not exactly how they believe it should be,

I just cannot wrap my head around the thought of someone thinking that another human being does not deserve love,



Or even life just because they want something that everyone else wants,

But in a slightly different way,

We were not all made from a cookie cutter,

We do not all think the same,

We all experience the world in a different way,

So let me be happy,

Let love creep into my heart the way it wants to,

Let me be different from you,

Because if you want me to be just like you,

If you want everyone to be just like you,

The world won’t make it another day.