Profile: QORDS

tumblr_mhwzz21XRS1rmbnzro1_500QORDS is “a week-long overnight summer camp for queer youth or youth of queer parents, with special focus on youth in the South”. The project organized by a team of folks in the Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina is inspired by the Queer Rock Camp in Olympia, Washington. The mission of the program is to

“empower Southern queer youth and buildcommunity through music. QORDS is a vehicle for expressing gender and sexuality, and harbors an environment of self-discovery and social change.”

QORDS Team organizers have been fundraising throughout the winter with a collection of benefit concerts and events in Durham, Greensboro and Raleigh. A recent article in the Guilfordian by Anthony Harris covered a recent show at Glenwood Coffee and Books featuring music by The Tomboys, Laila Nur, spoken word by Aleks Babic and DJ delights by Lydia Lewallen. Registration for the first summer session is now open! For more information visit: