Maria Del Pilar Lopez-Saavedra (Colombia)

While reading Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Politics of Performance by José Esteban Muñoz I started thinking more deeply about the labels that I identify with, focusing on the label “Colombian” rather than the more generalized label of “Latinx”. While researching, I realized that there is no such thing as a “Colombian pride flag.”

The flags I found while searching for “Colombian gay flags” were representing a binary of the two identities, instead of a fusion. The lack of a recognition and representation for Queer Colombians took on a metaphorical interpretation for me. Therefore, the work that I want to submit to the exhibition is a complete merging of the Colombian and Pride flags.

This series is about stating my existence not just as Queer Latina but also specifically as a Queer Colombian and confronting the ideology that being Queer means that I cannot fully love and belong to my country. Through Muñoz’s writings, I have come to understand that Disidentification is the process of making new inclusive and specific identities possible through the fragmentation of normative identities.

My Latinx-ness and brown-ness exclude me from the typical Queer/lesbian narrative. My Queerness excludes me from the typical heterosexual, patriarchal, Colombian narrative. Disidentification is a survival tactic of marginalia and an act of resistance that creates, functions, navigates and invents in the face of assimilation. Through disidentification, QPOC create places on the margins in which we can exist in an empowered way, and therefore, win.