Issue One: School’s Out

The first issue of I Don’t Do Boxes collects over 30 artworks, stories, poems, comics and writing from queer youth and allies around the Southeast and beyond. To order a copy click here or pick up a copy at Elsewhere (606 South Elm Street) in downtown Greensboro.
You can also download a digital version here: Issue One (PDF)

Issue Two: Out Loud!

The second issue of I Don’t Do Boxes focuses on the power of song and voice, inviting musicians, spoken word artists, poets, queer communities and youth to submit lyrics, songs, writings and sound recordings. Released June 6, 2014.

Issue Three: Act Out!

The third issue of I Don’t Do Boxes brings together a diverse collection of stories, poems, artworks and sounds exploring LGBTQ experience. This issue invited queer youth, poets, and writers to explore how they Act Out!

Issue Four: #OUTerSpace!

The fourth issue of I Don’t Do Boxes highlights queer beings from Southeastern US (and beyond!) to that dare to explore and trek through the infinite unknown with us and expand what we’ve thought is possible.

Issue Five: OUTlaws!

The fifth issue of I Don’t Do Boxes creators and change-makers were asked to boldly go back to experiences they’ve had with rejecting cultural norms. What is it like to deal with gender and sexuality, connections with church and state, issues of accessibility due to political infighting, and critically think about strategies for organizing community to move against laws that further oppress our people?