Nathan Cornell (Greensboro, NC)

The failed exposition; hereafter

Pocketing ‒ praying ‒ pining

For salvation; for rapture in

Anybody ‒ anywhere ‒ anything

To make it easier: cover the wound;

Silence ‒subdue ‒ survive

The fascination; obsess over the

Passion ‒ piety ‒ pulchritude

Can’t be hidden; a renaissance of

Learning ‒ loving ‒ languishing

Dysphoria; the caged heart is

Feeling ‒ fluttering ‒ fighting

The battle; unending in

Plight ‒ predicament ‒ pondering

The veracity of words on what to

Bear‒become ‒ befit

Your own definition of happiness;

Accepting ‒ admiring ‒ acting