Forced Out at School

Erica Lenti (Toronto, Canada)

The school board continues to fund crappy lessons about Internet safety and the effects of drugs; but I am a teenager and I think we know everything about everything and fail to listen.

In my spare time I play online games like Habbo Hotel and spend hours in lesbian lounges, chatting up girls. But on Facebook, I keep a low profile; I try to stay invisible.

My wallflower act pays off when I stumble upon a video by a friend of a friend. It’s called “DYKE.” Curious, I press play.

They’re making fun of me.

I scroll down and read the comments, a dialogue driven solely on the entertainment of mocking me.
You know who the dyke is. It’s E-R-I-C-A. Erica loves the ladies. Dykerica!
I am just a dyke.

I throw up my dinner, and then return to the computer to save all the comments. I throw up again and delete them from my hard drive a few hours later.

But I can’t delete them from my head.

The way they laughed so playfully, the way they spit out my name on camera like it was their job, stays with me.  For the first time in my life, I sincerely want to die.

I go to class the next day and take notes and try my best to stay invisible.