Carrie Hart (Creative Copy Editor)

Elijah Cameron

Elijah Cameron (Advice & Technique)

Eric Ginsburg (News & Politics)

Eric Ginsburg (News & Politics)


Christopher Kennedy (Creative Copy Editor)

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Brent Simoneaux (Undercover Investigations)

Red Behnke

Red Behnke (Style & Culture)

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Jason Watson (Style & Culture)














Creative Copy Editors

Carrie Hart loves bike rides, mint tea, and good stories more than most other things. She spends a lot of time reading and thinking about feminism and queerness, and she is working on popularizing the term “queerling” as an affectionate way to describe anyone along the LGBTQIA spectrum. She coordinates YouthSAFE and co-produces KiQ.

Christopher Kennedy is a teaching artist Elsewhere, and a curator/organizer of site-specific projects about place, people and learning. He is an avid mushroom hunter and mycology enthusiast. In high school he enjoyed listening to Portishead and Yo La Tengo, protesting Boise Cascade, and ditching chapel to write posthumous poems to Virginia Woolf.

News & Politics

When Eric Ginsburg was in high school, he started an underground student newspaper with two friends, and now he writes for YES! Weekly newspaper. He has a reputation for loving food, free things, bunnies, basketball and sleeping.

Style & Culture

Red Behnke is in fact a queer kid growing up in the South. Visual art in various mediums and fiction is kind of their thing. They’ve been volunteering at a radical bookstore based in Chapel Hill since they started high school, and have been involved with various puppet troupes of such nature. They enjoy bees, crying about fictional characters, art, and laughing alone with salad.

Undercover Investigations

Brent Simoneaux is a southerner at heart, from Louisiana. He has recently planted himself in Raleigh where he bakes a lot bread and yells hello at people from his bicycle. He also happens to love language and is always trying to write the most stylistically ambitious sentence known to man. He has yet to achieve this goal.

Advice & Technique

Elijah Cameron studies graphic design during the week and hustles freelance work over weekends. The rest of his time is dedicated to independent studies of life, the universe, and everything. His superpower is genderbending.

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