Dear Black Gay Boy

Jhonathan Hill (Greensboro, NC)

Dear black gay boy
You are…
too over the top too colorful too

Dear black gay boy
you are life
he opens up his
lips and speaks to
the air
it listens

Will you love him
simply because he is black
because he is gay
because he is black and gay

‎because he is more of a
‎minority than you
‎his range in numbers
‎on the surface
‎is few

‎but in reality, it’s thousands
‎still in hiding

‎dear black gay boy
‎you are variety
‎curiosity at its best
‎an army of many

‎don’t you see we rain hellfire
‎on those who oppose us

‎Dear black gay boy
‎you are magic
‎you create
every creative thing
‎they have seen

they can’t take you away
‎for they would Die

‎Dear black gay boy
‎you are ‎life

‎My black GayNess
‎will destroy you
‎don’t you see I birth nations
‎with the womb of my mind

‎Dear black gay boy you are
‎life and creation
‎you sow the seed
‎for this tree, they feed ‎from

‎yet they still walk
‎and stomp on you
‎I tell them

‎don’t hate the farmer
‎don’t bite the hand
‎that feeds you
‎births you

tells ‎you, you’re pretty
‎because you are
‎don’t make us starve you of your confidence cause
‎we will

‎Dear black gay boy
‎they need you

they can’t hurt you
‎they’ll need you when they’re drained of boredom and need a shock of entertainment

‎they’ll need you
‎when the waters
‎of their self-confidence
drowns them

they’ll need you
‎when you have the key
‎to the questions​
‎they can’t answer

Dear black gay boy They need you!