Conjuring Worlds

María DeGuzmán and Carisa R. Showden (Chapel Hill, NC)


Playing with size and perspective, we have created minikins/haiku photo-hybrids in an attempt to interrupt conventional readings of bodies and things in relationship—readings that often reflect the interests of governing norms of gender, race, and sexuality. Using the fantastical miniature to guide viewers’ interpretations, we promote the questioning of the borders and boundaries by which we define one kind of “matter” or being and differentiate it from another. The mixed-miniature-media format is central to our experiment on the nature of and relationships between perception and cognition in the creation and exploration of what we call “a queer phenomenology of the miniature.”

Together, María and Carisa have co-authored a new book titled Conjuring Worlds: A Queer Phenomenology of the Miniature. Some of the photography & haiku work has been showcased in online journals, and it has also been selected for three curated shows over the past year at the Carrack Gallery (Durham, NC), the Pleiades Gallery (Durham, NC), and the Salisbury Art Galleries (Salisbury, Maryland).