A Voice

Andrew Garvey (Des Plaines, IL)

Nobody knows what to call you,
Is it he?
…..no never they, they is plural.. you can’t use they singularly.
Sometimes.. rather than use they and make them a person. Use it and make them an object, less than human.

Everyone is afraid to ask, even if it’s better to ask rather than assume.
9 times out of 10 they’re wrong anyway.
It’s always the voice.. the voice is what gives it away.
This big secret that really isn’t a secret.
The voice is what makes them positive of their choice of who you are.
Rather then asking to make sure.
Of course it’s a she. Of course it’s a girl.
Do you hear the voice?
Did you see what it was wearing?
Clearly a button up and jeans means it’s a girl.

There’s only ever 2 possibilities
Society says and teaches there’s only 2
It hides the history and hides the possibility of anything else

Everything you do is either wrong or very wrong
Even after 3 or so years of cutting hair, changing names, conforming to the standard, changing identities, hurting yourself to fit into this shape society sets, changing your clothes, changing mannerisms, learning how to be the you they want to be and forcing the you you want to be into a corner,
3 years of trying so hard. The real you is still hidden from everyone because it’s better to assume than to just ask.

No one sees who you are
It’s all because of the voice
Is it better to stay silent and be you or should you speak and ruin the image you have made for yourself?
It’s all because of the voice
Too high
Too fast
Too flamboyant
Too too not male?
It’s better to ask than just assume
Just ask


……it’s he by the way