A Queer Tarot Reading

Red Behnke (Saxapahaw, NC)

Q: Why do I depend on medication?

A: So, the card that I  drew was Judgement. The Judgement card signifies a sort of turning point in your life based on self realization and reflection, often times. It also signifies an awakening, or a new beginning. Maybe the fact that you are asking this question means that you are “waking up,” so to speak. Try to spend some time thinking about why you decided to take medication, and why it is that you feel as though you depend on it. If you’ve been having a rough time, this card may signify that your troubles will be resolved soon. It might not be easy, or pleasant, but you’ll make it. Judgement also suggests that you should let other people help you along; you don’t have to be alone. This could mean friends and family, or strangers. In this instance it could even mean medication. Sometimes we get into such a headspace that we need some outside help to give us the ability to help ourselves out of it. Taking medication doesn’t make you weak or dependant, it can help you on your journey, or help you get to a point where you can be independent. Remember, Judgement is about finding absolution with yourself. It’s okay if you need to lean on something or someone to help you  reach that point!

Disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist! I am just  a teenager with some cards and maybe a bit of experience dealing with mental illness!