720 Modes

By ShaNeia (Siigh) Lawrence (Greensboro, NC)


The cause of my reaction
has been following me with every breath I breath.
It is as if reality has become a wide screen epic,
even though I find it hard to believe,
my tragedy has not played its self out yet.
There is more to come.

I see a wheel turning
with hope one day we might spin at the same pace as the world.
We will sequence the winds of life
utilizing our 24 hour day
multiply our love by the track of the moon.
Creating 720 modes of life.

Two 360 degrees turning together,
one gravitating off the other.
Truly ad divine occurrence.

I can safely say I don’t have reason to love less.
Yes there are always the cons and pros of
anything you love,
But what it really boils down to is where
my heart lay.

As much as I may not want to admit,
Mine has gravitated towards another.
Its spin resembles the pace of a run away

So as I fast rewind my mind I find a pattern
on denial i cant say i am proud of
Although there are no regrets
I cant help but feel my soul way to forgive
is to forget.

If I forget the throb that moves my
inspiration that love can conquer all
then maybe I can forgive my self for
loving so pure.

But, the method of my mode will have no
meaning. …

It’s the way.

It’s the tone that moves the heart to go
where the logical mind will not dare go
and even though one might hear that tone
sometimes louder than the light that shines
on the earth its self
The octave might not be the same.

The modes function will have changed and
there after be untrue.

So, filled with my blissful tone deafness
I believed I could create my own reality.
A world where everyone’s love is as full
as my own.

A world where there is sight at first love
And the tone of reality is equal.

And here I stand, singing among the
choir only to find that my pitch was off.

It may have been only one or two
octaves off
But its blend resembled the likeness of
water and oil.

When mixed together they will find
their self unable to become one solution.
They will separate, and go back to their
normal state.
With only a thin line holding
their destiny.

Within lights darkness there will always be truth.
The ultimate endless blunt image of what’s real.
Reality shining through all things,
And without a blur of ignorance.
Tasteless and silent as the air itself.