Of 99.5% or 5%

By ShaNeia(Siigh) Lawrence (Greensboro, NC)


99.5% of the time I like to say I’ve been consistent

Steady to this label that society hold so dear

Steady to fit inside the boundaries

That I’m almost sure will always be

Impossible to squeeze into.

My heart is to big.

Too full to entrap.

I am what God Created

A vessel to Love

And share abundantly yet,

Not just fully

And more than unconditional


As the stars are in the sky

My Love is…



But 99.5% of the time I have consistently

Wandered to this label

If only to have a tribe

To have a connection

To the desires I have most.

Because it’s too much to just want to be free


Individualized and accepted equally no matter my preference.


God said love all of his creations

And in almost every other animal,

Other than Man

Has this same tendency,

Yet we don’t see them being bashed in the head

For their uniqueness.

The tendency to just gravitate to what feels natural

The instinctual pull.



So small from full yet hugely dynamic

A beginning of overshadowing wonder

That can linger in questions of

What if…

Significant enough to notice

Small enough to hide

Yet not enough to label

Not enough to deem naturally accepted.

It’s a taboo

A contradiction of the majority

Of the Man made ethics

Of Man made knowledge

Of Man…


Even when God Spoke of our creation

In reference to self was spoken as

“Let us…”

“Our image…”

“Our Likeness:…”

Genesis 1: 26-27

God Created

Adam and Eve = MAN

Men separated me from knowing I am of God

Not merely a rib and mud

Equally created from THEIR likeness

Of Male and Female

Intertwined they were made of both

Of All of God


At the same time.

So why am I made to be of 99.5% or 5%.